Net curtain measuring guide

Are you a first time net curtain buyer? If so, you’re probably feeling a bit nervous about getting the measurements right. Fear not, measuring for net curtains is actually very easy and straightforward. But just like everything else, it’s only easy when you know how!Step 1Measure the width measure from one side of the window to the other side.Step 2Measure the drop measure from you net rod or net wire down to were you would like your net to finishThe nets come in standard drops these are as follows:91cm (36″)102cm (40″)107cm (42″)114cm (45″)122cm (48″)137cm (54″)152cm (60″)160cm (63″)183cm (72″)206cm (81″)229cm (90″)Not all windows come in standard sizes, so you might need to take advantage of our speedy alteration service.Step 3Choose the net you would like from our extensive range chose your drop if you window is not a standard drop please choose the nearest drop longer than what you require for example If your drop is 140cm, you would choose 152cm, click the alteration box and enter your required drop enter the width of your window then choose the gather you would like then pick if you would like the side hemed please note unlike voiles net curtains don’t need the side hemming as they don’t fray. Last step let us know what room they are for so we can label each one to make it easier for you when you receive them .

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