Hawaii Flowers White Net Curtain


This is a high quality, medium weight net curtain. A beautiful ready to hang floral butterfly patterned net curtain in white. Net curtains offer a degree of privacy and elegance to your home without reducing light quality

drop alteration must be less then drop length (cm)£0.00
No finished needed +
Hemming (+ £4.50) +
It's helpful to let us know which room this product is for. We can then use this when we send you the nets to make it easier for you when you unwrap.
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Additional information

Drop length

36" Drop (91cm), 40" Drop (101cm), 42" Drop (107cm), 45" Drop (114cm), 48" Drop (122cm), 54" Drop (137cm), 60" Drop (152cm), 63" Drop (160cm), 72" Drop (183cm), 81" Drop (206cm), 90" Drop (229cm)


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